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Ken Plume


Ken Plume writes, does interviews, hosts podcasts, produces, plots, and sings horribly, some of which he does over at a site called FRED. He hosts the interview podcast “A Bit of a Chat With Ken Plume“. He co-hosts the award-winning KEN P.D. SNYDECAST (with Adult Swim star Dana Snyder), the sci-fi nerd-fest Whotininnies (with AICN’s Glen Oliver), and NUTS ON THE ROAD (with’s Widgett Walls). He’s also the producer of the SXSW-featured documentary MILIUS, on the life and work of legendary writer/director John Milius. He has been called “The Nexus” by those that claim he is.

You can contact Ken at ken plume at red nose net dot com or on Twitter @KenPlume.

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